Author: Marc Bazan

Dutch Dutch Baby!

If you’ve never had a “Dutch Baby”, often referred to as German Pancakes, then you may have never breakfasted satisfactorily. I’ve tried many recipes for these German delights; though I have not found a recipe as simple or as tasty as Alton Brown’s. Interestingly though, he refined this recipe after receiving several negative comments about its result. In the end, Brown got it right. I’ll link to his recipe so you can try this yourself; however, I will say that I used basic brands found at my local supermarket. Some culinarily refined home cooks may find these less than acceptable....

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Bahn Mi? Or Banh YOU?

Do you hear that? Yes it’s the pangs of hunger ringing in your belly. Well you’ll find no better remedy than the elusive Bahn Mi sandwich. While the origin of this delightful bistro dish is HIGHLY contested, many believe it originated in the demilitarized zones of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. There are miracles even among disaster and this sandwich is one of them. Deep in the seedy underbelly of Paris, Texas lies a industrious little dive called Hot Bahn where bready treasures are served daily with a healthy dose of attitude. When you bite into a Bahn me, you will...

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Activism? That’s so passé!

Has social media provided a new venue for activism? Maybe but are the days of writing a letter to your Congressman behind us? The modern day activist is no longer the extremist. It may be your mom or dad, friend or co-worker. It is likely your teenager or tweenager. Social media allows anyone with an opinion to become an activist, stating your opinion and dropping the proverbial “mic” in between classes. Is this really activism though? Let’s see what history has to say first. Prior to social media, the biggest change to activism may have been television. For example,...

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