We have meteorologists that help us predict the weather, we have psychics to help us figure out if the lotto ticket we just bought is going to help us hit it big.

For your convenience we have put together a series of predictions for what is going to happen in the consumer space this coming January.

Item One:

Bigger better TVs. Each year we have a slew of upgaded tvs that are slightly better than last years model. Each one just different enough from each other that to tell the difference between them you must sit next to both with specific images on the screen to tell the difference. Last years models were all about integrating the television into your existing decorations so that you don’t appear to have one. I predict that the new model will look somethng like this.

Much older TV from 1981 but don’t be supprised if we see something like this soon.

Item Two:

Gaming peripherals that people want but are not willing to buy. Over the last few years we have seen a number of $200+ gaming hardware that seems pretty cool in the idea but real world marketing doesn’t seem to think the same about it. From treadmills that are your controller like Game Runner

You run forward and back to move and use the hand stearng for left and right.

This is neat but not quite practical for $895. Unfortuatly this isn’t alone in being a quirky, moderatly expensive hardware for very very specific gaming. I don’t think we are done with these unique offerings quite yet.  I foresee another 2 years of $200+ periferals that are just not ready for prime time yet.

Item Three:

Home automation has grown more in the last few years than nearly any other market, and CES has been filled with new products catching the fever. We already have smart bulbs with speakers and 32bit color changing with home assistant plug-ins. Coffee pots and even Crock-pots are now smart and connect to the cloud and the grand IoT. This year will be no exception. We already have the self making bed that started a kickstarter campain last year so lets see what fun stuff inevitebly comes out for next year.

This uses an air blower to blow up and flatten the blanket, and anchors to keep it in place

Item Four:

Car automation has started to become more and more integrated into technology conversations. Uber trying to move into automation, cities moving into smart streeets, we can expect to see more discussions and keynotes with this being a focal point. My prediction on the automation is that we will start to see an obstical  course where the cars will go through showing its ability to recognize stop signs , children etc.

Just one of the many self driving solutions being made today

Item Five:

This one i’m going a bit generic on but i’m sure it will be fantastic never the less. There will be some amazing unique thoughts in eureka park. Every year There are some amazing inovative ideas that unfortunalty don’t get the funding to be a mass produced publicly available product. Some new content will allow children to learn from one another and make new friends using monitored services (example below left). The ideas of these companies/individuals can really add some flavor to life. Teaching kids robotics or programming. Or the one that I really want for myself is the item to the right. I’ve always wanted to swim in the underwater world, feeling like a fish.

Samsung Sponsered product but designed by a small organization

This is all I need in life