In part 1 we explored the causes of OLED screen burn-in, and a few ways to slow down it’s effect.

What if you have a screen that is already suffering the effects of burn-in though? Is there a way to bring your display back to its original glory?

Well…maybe. While I can’t guarantee that the following method will work in all instances, I can confidently say I’ve used it to correct minor burn-in, and it will possibly work  for more severe burn-in if you have the patience.


Why it works

Burn in is caused when a certain group of pixel are left on or off for an extended period, causing them to wear out more or less slowly than the rest of the screen. By displaying an inverted image at maximum brightness for an extended period, you can restore the balance, and average out the effect of burn-in.

Disclaimer: try this technique at your own risk, the science is sound, but if you screw up your screen or make your burn in worse, don’t blame me.