Along time ago i was thinking over one of the meany things we see on tv and it had me wondering if this item is really for our convenience or just to help us get lazy. I then began to think about the objects we have and asked are these for convenience or just there so we could just kick back and relax. So lets start with our first invention, THE WHEEL!


Now i know what you are thinking and yes its a little out side my wheel house but yes its the wheel. Of course you say duh its the wheel, but was it invented just for the convenience of moving big heavy objects the cavemen did not want to lug around? However knowing what we do now. The wheel lead to meany great inventions, so it has obviously made our life a lot easier for convenience sake. Lets talk about a harder question now. The MICROWAVE.


So you think this is cut and dry. Its not, but that is what this post is about. The microwave speeds up our cooking time incredible. However you can do every thing it does with other inventions. Not only does spending time cooking with the oven or grill take more time but you can taste the difference. When a object sacrifices time for quality, is that really convenience or just trying to get the food in your mouth as fast as possible. Lets take a quick look at THE HAMMER.


The hammer was invented to replace rocks or other blunt instruments. This invention was designed to put your hard work to even greater use. Can you make a debate that the hammer was made for laziness? Ill wait. No ok lets move on to the Irobot vacuum buddy.


Thus marvellous invention will clean for years without you having to lift a finger. It mindlessly goes about its business day or night running over the same ground cleaning every crumb that may have slipped from your hands. However what if i told you that there is a way to save this poor things time and energy by spending 5 minutes a day cleaning with this object! Thats right ladies and or gentleman thats right for just 5 minutes you to can clean every crumbe that has dropped from your hands with a vacuum. So is it from convenience that this wonderful invention was made or out of laziness? I however hop that you think of this as your irobot makes its way around your house cleaning and raise a drink to him, as well as your feet in thanks to this invention.