With the talk of freemium games grossing millions of dollars how hard is it to; create, deploy and market of of these giant cash cows. The incentive is high with games providing income in the multiple millions monthly.

Top cash cow

Top cash cow

Clash of clans is pulling in multiple millions on a monthly basis. Though this will vary from month to month you bet that these developers were pleased with the end result.

So what are the odds of hitting that big score. Looking at the top 50 applications they go from 1-2 Million dollars in first, down to $30,000 for number 50. To put that in perspective there are 2.2 million applications on Google play and 2 million on the apple app store. Now I realize that not all of these are freemium applications and may not be picking at your market, but these are all available that you need market over them to be seen. So you have a 1/44000 chance to be in the top 50.

A recent report shows that the average freemium app keeps 25% of there users for more than a day and a terrible 2.3% after the first month. Many things have to be taken into consideration in order to make something last

  1. Little to no adult theme
  2. A goal of some sort to measure progress
  3. Intensive to launch the app.
  4. A form of competition.

Without these in mind there are thousands of applications that fail to capture the hearts and wallets of your customers.

So break out your developers kits and get to work. your odds may be small, but the payoff could be great. You should feel a bit more pride than buying the lottery ticket that has roughly a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of winning currently.